The Great Unknown

Who the heck is Dave Legend?

Dave Legends Life can be summed up by "Never give up" "believe in yourself" and  don't listen to those who say "you can't do it"

His Corporate Life

His Client list is a “who’s who” of Corporate Australia including Mitsubishi, IBM, AMP, Caltex, Xerox and over 150 others. Internationally he was highly sort out across the globe for his unique ability to increase leads and sales at trade shows for Fortune 500 companies

Up until 2016 Legend had become a veritable one-man industry. A Pioneer in the fine art of instant rainmaking at trade shows who not only entertains and motivates audiences, but invariably converts jaded strangers into potential revenue sources for the companies he represents

Working from the heart instead of the script, Legend brings a welcome dose of humanity into settings typically focused on products and profits, not people

  • He is the Only Magician in the world to win the prestigious Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society for trade show magic
    (Voted by 43000 world wide members)

  • He was the only Australian Magician to be selected to appear on the USA Great Magicians of the World TV special

Kids Magic World

Then in 2016 he was diagnosed with a at the time incurable disease and lost his corporate business unable to sit properly he could not fly to other countries which was 95% of his corporate work.

Suffering 6 months of severe depression after losing his corporate business he worked out a method to drive locally by cutting a hole in his motorcycle seat so he could once again sit and drive.

Not giving up he created a local childrens entertainment company called Kids Magic World which was local work within an hour of his home, under the stage Name Aardy. (Kids Magic World) While still suffering his disease and pain he managed to grow the business to 6-8 Shows each weekend and was highly sort out childrens Magician. Parents would reschedule their childs birthday party to ensure they could hire  Aardy (Dave Legend)

The Illusion

Dave  had the idea for the illusion when he was 30 (he's now 43) for 6 years he approached film makers and producers and no one was interested- thats if they would ever even reply. For 2 more years he kept silent and put the idea to the back of his mind. After he started up kids magic world- he was booked by one Anna Broinowski for her daughters Birthday party. He did the show- it was a success But he did not know Anna was a film maker.

Several months later she connected with him on linkedin and he saw her job title- Film maker. Alarm bells rang he thought “this is it” he wrote a 2 paragraph idea and she was interested. It took many more years to get it off the ground as she was filming other films. It was Anna that spent her own money to start the filming process. And on the first trip out to Uluru- there was a huge storm in Sydney, some flooding and it took 3.5 hours to get to the airport and he missed the plane (he got a last minute ticket for the next day) so the road started off bumpy.

Had he not been doing kids magic- he probably would never have met her.

The Cure

Monday to Friday Legend would research his disease to try to find a cure and finally after 4 years (2 years into filming Uluru & the magician) he found a cure- But his specialist told him that procedure could not be performed due to too much infection

But as you know Legend doesn't like to be told "it can't be done" so went to 3 other specialists who also said the same thing. "It can't be done". To Dave this just meant "find a 5th specialist"

 Thats exactly what he did, he found that 5th Specialist and after a 5 minute examination the Doctor said "Yes it can be done" (Daves kind of Doctor!). 1 week later- He was Cured, well sort of there was a good 6 months of rehabilitation to be fully healed. but he was normal again for the first time in 4.5 years.

After the Film

1 week after the final shoot Sydney went into Covid lockdown, His Disease had come back and it was again a dark time for Legend. 2 More surgeries, Legend is waiting for his last surgical wound to heal- then he can have one more surgery to heal him again.

Daves says "Yeah a big set back to my plans but its not over"

He still performs as Aardy for Kids Magic World and is still booked out each weekend.

Future plans

Dave has the belief he will be cured again and once he has healed he plans to get back into shape- and re-build his corporate business- He is also writing a screenplay that will involve several mega illusions around Australia. Each with their own story.

This is not the end- its only the beginning