His Client list is a “who’s who” of Corporate Australia including Mitsubishi, IBM, AMP, Caltex, Xerox and over 150 others. Internationally he was highly sort out across the globe for his unique ability to increase leads and sales at trade shows for Fortune 500 companies

Up until 2016 Welsman had become a veritable one-man industry. A Pioneer in the fine art of instant rainmaking at trade shows who not only entertains and motivates audiences, but invariably converts jaded strangers into potential revenue sources for the companies he represents.

Working from the heart instead of the script, Welsman brings a welcome dose of humanity into settings typically focused on products and profits, not people

He is the Only Magician in the world to win the prestigious Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society for trade show magic

He was the only Australian Magician to be selected to appear on the USA Great Magicians of the World TV special

Then in 2016 he was diagnosed with a at the time incurable disease and lost his corporate business unable to sit properly he could not fly to other countries which was 95% of his corporate work.

Currently recovering from a disease since 2016 which prevented his corporate work, he started a local children’s Magician business. (Kids Magic World)